i write a lot of awful poetry about having sex with the infinity of space, so i feel like i am somewhat able to write a small review of preston smiths red rover red lover. the whole book is packed with that lovely juxtaposition between small and large, love and loss, black holes and smaller, equally enjoyable holes.


(the poetry here isnt awful by the way its great)


the 1 dollar asking price is worth paying for the linebreak at the beginning of apollo aborted alone.


one chariot ride does not loyalty

nor divinity make. i fall


through clouds that whisper


how beautiful.


celestial candling ends with such a fantastic 4 lines (there is probably a technical term but i dont know it) that i read and re-read the poem, excited to discover them again


you see that circle? he asks.

i nod, falter in his orbit.


that’s my sister, he beams,

thrusting a finger overhead.

apollo the first deftly weaves together two of my favourite past-times – religion and fucking.


red rover, red lover combines the tenderness and swell of finding and losing your soulmate with the adventure and existential orgasm of space exploration. its written beautifully and the schtick – that outer space and inner space might just be the same thing – is never slung too heavy.



there is a lot of warmth hiding in the words. be it literal warmth, from solar flares and stars exploding, or the metaphorical warmth – of a mans lips, of the safety we find in arms and breathing. the red lover becomes trascendental as you read through, a poem that becomes a planet that becomes the saliva we leave on each others lips.



for a dollar, this is a great little book of poetry. a dollar for heartache, for the first tentative steps on a new planet, for the smell of sweat and the sweet glass of water after love making.


i read this twice, both times in bed. the second time i turned to look at the beautiful creature lying next to me (my partner not my puppy) and realised that when we die and whatever direction our energy chooses to drift aimlessly towards, we will still be linked because we are all just tiny specks of dust, caught in the endlessness of space and time. thanks preston.


i’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys the touch of another human being, or the knowledge that we are not alone.


red rover red lover is is written by preston smith/@psm_writes. please go buy it here.